The 2019 Arsies: January 31, 2019

January 31, 2019 arse


Nothing has changed since my rematch last year. Still, am I going to pass up the opportunity to listen to these two albums again? Would you?
You would?! Well, then, get off my website!

Okay, now that that jerk is gone, we can talk about how TesseracT actually put out an album in 2013 that had an honest-to-goodness halfway point, bless their hearts! Or that I can tell you how I can (and have, on more than one occasion) listen to all of Altered State, start to finish, then start it up again. Not so easy to do that with the Dillinger, even though its power is undeniable. Instead, I'll just give One Of Us Is The Killer the respect it's due, not malign it any more than I already have, and make way for TesseracT into the next Quarterfinals match.
Tomorrow, we end the week with TesseracT's next competitor, which'll be either Gojira or Mastodon. (Be forewarned: these matches are not going to get any easier.)

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