The 2019 Arsies: January 11, 2019

January 11, 2019 arse


DEP take the cointoss and waste no time whatsoever launching into the high water mark of their careers. Feral, crisp, devastating, yet catchy... One Of Us Is The Killer has had an interesting history with the Arsies, winning in 2014 before historical scrutiny uncovered an error with the tournament format, forcing a rematch late last year which posthumously stripped the prize from DEP and gave it to... well would you look at that! It was TesseracT!
That said, while Sonder is a really good album, it's not Altered State. Sure, TesseracT have superior production overall (and of course next-level vocals, courtesy of Daniel Tompkins). Aside from those two factors, One Of Us Is The Killer is superior in virtually every way.
Really, the only question now is if we're looking at another rematch later in this tournament, as Altered State is still a live threat to DEP. Of course, that can all change on Monday, as TesseracT's former selves go up against newcomers Parius.

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