The 2019 Arsies: February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019 arse


This match is such a fine way to start your Friday (and end the 4th week of the Arsies). They play so fine, don't you agree. As the scorecard reveals, this is a very close contest, with no clear numerical superiority either way. Both albums in today's Arsies action showcase their respective bands aiming for a higher degree of finesse and refinement. The remarkable thing about Crack The Skye is how it manages to be both instantly recognizable as Mastodon, and a marked departure for the band. Meanwhile, with L'Enfant Sauvage Gojira have honed their trademark edge and wedded it to greater songcraft. Both albums are moody, menacing, and masterful. In the final analysis, it comes down to this: I'd just rather listen to the Mastodon again sooner than I would the Gojira. There's just a bit more variety and diversity to Crack The Skye that makes it more interesting and rewarding upon successive relistens. That's enough of an edge for me: Mastodon takes the day, and secures a spot in the Quarterfinals!
Our next match on Monday will lead to another tough cut. Who will survive: Isis or Intronaut?

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